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Rubber injection machine 3 stations

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Equipment model:
Applicable raw materials:
Rubber granules, traditional rubber
Number of stations:
Screw diameter:
65 mm
Theoretical injection volume:
1200 CC
Injection Pressure:
120 MPa
Screw speed:
0-150 r/min
Module space:
520*380*220 mm
Die opening stroke:
300 mm
Clamping force:
150 Tons
Barrel heating power:
8 Kw
Barrel heating power:
3*6 Kw
Motor power:
33 Kw
Total power:
59 Kw
Machine dimensions:
310×420×300 Cm
Mechanical weight:
7 Tons
Oil consumption:
800 L
Product description

1. It is suitable for granular rubber injection molding, traditional rubber molding, and the production of thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic raw materials.

2. Fully automatic computer program control, parameter touch setting, simple operation.

3. Large material volume, high output, stepless adjustment of pressure ratio, stepless adjustment of screw speed, precise action.

4. The mechanical and electrical safety mechanism design is reliable, stable and safe.

5. One-time injection molding, simple process, high finish and stable quality.

6. The raw materials are easy to store, not easy to self-vulcanize, and the transportation is simple and convenient.

7. Rubber products can be produced without the need to be equipped with training and mixing equipment, with low investment and quick results.

8. Under the premise of ensuring physical properties, the products produced have clear fog and no flash.

9. The sole does not need to be roughened, it can be bonded, energy saving and environmental protection.

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