Implement the business philosophy of "altruism, integrity, win-win, persistence and cooperation"

To shoe industry platform and equipment manufacturing as the main business

Quanzhou sonic Machinery Co., Ltd. takes the platform and equipment manufacturing of shoe-making industry as the main business body, always takes "making walking easier" as its own responsibility, implements the business philosophy of "altruism, integrity, win-win, persistence and cooperation", and strives to provide customers with reliable products and services with high quality and low price, as well as excellent development platform for employees.
The company is a national high-tech enterprise and a science and technology-based enterprise in Fujian Province. It is a Youth Innovation and growth enterprise board enterprise in Fujian Province. The company code is 683131, which is rated as 2a by the national business credit rating. It has passed ISO9000 and CE certification, won the winning prize of the third China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, and is the governing unit of Quanzhou CNC generation industrial technology innovation strategic alliance. It has 30 years of experience More than national patents, including 5 national invention patents.


Our products are exported to Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and North America. In the future, the company will be more committed to market and technological innovation, pursuing total quality management, cultivating high-quality comprehensive talents and enhancing international cooperation.

Sonic machinery and customers work together to create a better future.

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