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Introduction of Hot Melt Adhesive Gangbao

1. Introduction of Hot Melt Adhesive Gangbao:    Commonly known as Gangbao, scientific name: Hot-melt glue Gangbao, is a new type of high-quality material for shoemaking. Using low-temperature hot-melt adhesive Gangbao to replace the traditional Shuigangbao as the front lining and back cover of the shoes, the production efficiency is high, the shoes are upright and round after shaping, not easy to deform, the comfort and beauty of the shoes are greatly improved, and the shoes are 100% environmentally friendly. Type product.    2. Properties of hot melt glue port:    1. Color: white, blue, green, gray, or customized according to customer requirements.   2. Thickness: 0.2mm-2.0mm Packaging: Roll or sheet. 3. How to use the hot melt adhesive port treasure: the bonding interface temperature of all materials is 100-120 degrees, and the activation temperature is 70-90 degrees. If you use a hot/cold post-sizing machine, the hot mold temperature should be set to 125 -135 degrees, hold for 7-15 seconds (the temperature and time settings need to be adjusted according to the change of the fabric material and the inner material); if the California-style lasting method is used, the temperature of the heating activation system of the molding line should be set 110-125 hold for 7-15 minutes.    3. The current situation of hot melt glue port treasure:    Every shoe factory is using Gangbao products, and there are dozens of manufacturers specializing in Gangbao in mainland China. However, the domestically produced Gangbao are all made of sheet material. After the shoe factory takes the Gangbao back, it will have to cut and trim the edges, and must meet various design processing or sewing requirements, and take into account the appearance of the shoes. Aesthetics and wearing comfort require high requirements for various processes, as well as high technical requirements for operators. Caused certain operation difficulty and material loss.



The prospect of low temperature hot melt glue Gangbao

1. The purpose of low temperature hot melt glue Gangbao:    is suitable for all high-end leather shoes, riding boots, women's shoes, children's shoes, work shoes and all kinds of sports shoes.   Specifications: the thickness is 0.4mm~1.5mm, there are three colors of brown, white, and aqua (light blue)    Thickness specification Applicable scope   0.4mm±0.05mm General light men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes and casual shoes   0.6mm±0.05mm general light men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes and casual shoes   0.8mm±0.05mm General light men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes and casual shoes   1.0mm±0.05mm Lightweight casual shoes, men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes and boots   1.2mm±0.05mm Men's shoes, women's shoes, boots, hiking shoes and special purpose shoes   1.5mm±0.05mm Men's shoes, women's shoes, boots, hiking shoes and special purpose shoes    2. Development prospects: Low-temperature hot-melt film is commonly known as low-temperature hot-melt glue Gangbao, low-temperature Gangbao; the most advanced front lining and back sleeve materials, while having the high elasticity of rubber and the plasticity of thermoplastic materials; the viscosity remains unchanged after repeated use; its products will also be softened by heating Non-sticky characteristics. Very low operating temperature, suitable open time, and high bond strength characteristics. The finished shoes are beautiful in shape, not easy to deform after forming, and have excellent resilience, excellent weather resistance and abrasion resistance, and the material is green and environmentally friendly. It does not produce creases and water chestnuts during shaping, reduces product defect rate, has good adhesion to various materials, and does not need to be coated with adhesive. It saves energy and has excellent operability.

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