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Column type 10 position TPU sole injection molding machine

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Equipment model:
Applicable raw materials:
Screw diameter:
60 mm
Maximum injection volume:
550 CC
Injection pressure:
100 MPa
Clamping force:
100 Tons
60~150 pairs/hours
Module space:
540*340*170 mm
Heating power:
8 Kw
Total power:
30 Kw
Mechanical dimension:
380*329*250 Cm
Mechanical dimension:
6.3 Tons
Oil consumption:
600 L
Product description
1. Wide range of application, TPU, TPR, crystal and other raw materials can adapt to production; 2. Wide range of use, TPU soles, TPU industrial products can be produced; 3. Unique mechanism design, large plate surface mold, ultra-high injection pressure, uniform plasticizing device, large tonnage mold locking, simple operation, more perfect product a] mold locking cylinder end face installation, compared with the traditional flange installation, the stress area is large B] the clamping force is as high as 130 tons, and the die installation size reaches 540 * 340 ultra wide plate surface, which is more applicable; C] the special screw groove design is more suitable for TPU melt plasticization. 4. Industrial man-machine interface, PLC program control, pressure, speed, material volume are visual interface control, intuitive operation, convenient adjustment. 5. Special structure design of material blocking needle, no dripping, leakage and other phenomena; a] sealing mechanism of material blocking needle, to prevent molten raw material from flowing upward under pressure; b] linear sealing between material blocking needle and nozzle cone, end matching sealing, double insurance, to prevent dripping phenomenon. 6. Multi directional safety protection system ensures safe and reliable operation; a] turntable anti lifting system b] safety emergency stop system C] electrical emergency stop system D] anti hand stretching into photoelectric safety system 7. Drying hopper is equipped to keep raw materials continuously dry to prevent products from moisture blistering and affecting product quality. 8. Energy saving servo hydraulic system can be selected to save energy up to about 30%. A】 Servo energy saving principle can adjust the input according to the usage. Like injection molding machine, its workload is not quantitative. It is a periodic change. The servo energy-saving motor and servo energy-saving control system are adjusted together, so that when the injection molding machine does not need so much oil, it will not output so much through control. So as to realize the servo energy-saving control; b] accurate optimization scheme, better energy-saving effect and more stable system; C] selection of high-quality energy-saving control system suppliers, making the system more stable; D] plum blossom coupling has the functions of compensating the relative offset of two shafts, vibration damping, buffering, small radial size, simple structure, strong oil resistance and electrical insulation, and maintenance free.
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