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Goose head type 20 position three color slipper injection molding machine

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Equipment model:
Applicable raw materials:
Screw diameter:
65+50*2 mm
Maximum injection volume:
660+380*2 CC
Injection pressure:
80 MPa
Clamping force:
80*2 Tons
80-150 pairs/hours
Module space:
500*240*260 mm
Heating power:
8.3+5.8*2 Kw
Total power:
63.9 Kw
Mechanical dimension:
700*700*220 Cm
Mechanical dimension:
16.8 Tons
Oil consumption:
700*2 L
Product description
1. It can produce single, double, three color sole, top slipper, sandal or non foaming plastic shoes by using TPR, PVC foaming and non foaming materials with various molds. 2. Equipped with blowing mechanism, the product is light, soft, bright and can reduce the weight by 20% - 30% compared with the traditional production method. 3. It can produce two-color, three color, camouflage, mixed color and other shoes, and can produce two kinds of two-color products with the same background color and different face color at the same time, with complete functions, wide application range and low cost investment; 4. It is equipped with mold preheating system for mold preheating in cold weather to prevent a large number of defective products caused by mold supercooling when starting up; 5. Super large turntable design, to prevent large mold side open collision, safe and reliable; 6, stepless pressure adjustment, touch parameter setting, special mechanical and electrical safety mechanism design, accurate action, safe and reliable, convenient adjustment, simple operation; 7, optional automatic prying manipulator, greatly reduce labor intensity; 6; 8. Servo energy-saving system is optional, which can greatly reduce energy loss and save energy up to 30%.
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