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Stationary EVA injection machine

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Equipment model:
Applicable raw materials:
EVA, rubber foam
Number of stations:
Screw diameter:
60 mm
Maximum injection volume:
1100 CC
Clamping force:
220 Tons
Mold opening speed:
0-200 mm/s
Die opening stroke:
360 mm
Module space:
550*290*(100-300) mm
Heating power:
6*12 Kw
Mechanical weight:
27.8 Tons
Motor power:
52.8 Kw
Machine dimensions:
920×480×300 Cm
Oil consumption:
1000 L
Product description

1. Suitable for injection molding production of raw materials such as EVA and rubber foam.

2. Fully automatic computer program control, parameter touch setting, simple operation.

3. Large material volume, high output, stepless adjustment of pressure ratio, stepless adjustment of screw speed, precise action.

4. The mechanical and electrical safety mechanism design is reliable, stable and safe.

5. The measuring mechanism adopts linear displacement sensor to detect and cooperate with PLC and PC calculations to accurately control the amount of material;

6. The injection-moving seat mechanism adopts a linear slide rail with a brake deceleration motor mechanism, combined with frequency conversion control for high-speed movement, and precise positioning control through rotary coding;

7. The template is designed to avoid water and heat insulation, and uses high-efficiency heat insulation materials to reduce heat loss.

8. The elbow-and-liver type high-speed mold opening structure design is fast and stable; the super mechanical mold clamping mechanism makes the product more perfect and stable.

9. The mold thickness can be adjusted steplessly between 100-300mm, which is stable and safe.

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