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Vertical plastic mixer

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1、 The all-round crusher produced by our company combines the advanced experience of domestic and foreign industries and is a new type of equipment transformed and produced. It has the advantages of light weight, low energy consumption, excellent blade material, long service life, convenient cleaning and so on.
The appearance of the machine is beautiful, the color matching is coordinated, and the painting is firm.
The feeding hopper, crushing chamber and screen hopper are designed separately and easy to load and unload.
The design of buffer chamber feeding and imported vertical curtain can avoid material splashing.
The front and back walls of the crushing chamber adopt double-layer sound insulation with low noise.
The belt pulley is equipped with a protective cover, which is safe and reliable.
There is a safety switch for cleaning.
The motor is equipped with overload protection device and power supply interlock protection system.
It adopts imported high-quality tool steel and special tool, which is particularly durable. The installation design of the tool can be adjusted telescopic. It can be sharpened for many times after blunt use, and can be used repeatedly, with long service life.
The processing technology is mature, and the box body, tool rest and other important parts are processed as a whole to ensure the matching accuracy. The moving tool holder is designed with stepped shear, which decomposes the cutting force and makes the cutting force multiply.
Reasonable structure, convenient operation, power saving, durable, practical and economical.
General purpose plastic crusher adopts sealed bearing to keep the bearing in good rotation for a long time, reasonable knife design, uniform product granulation, heat shrinkable treatment of knife seat, and beautiful appearance design.
Two. The machine is suitable for crushing Chinese herbal medicine, chemical materials, low hardness ores, waste polystyrene, polypropylene, nylon, engineering plastics and polychlorinated foam materials, such as waste, inferior products or injection sprinklers. If the corresponding sieve plate is replaced and the blade gap is adjusted, various plastic waste products such as blow molding film, calendering film, thin sheet and thin sheet can be broken.

3、 Technical parameters:

Model SC-300F SC-400F SC-500F SC-600F SC-800F SC-1000F
Voltage(V) 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V
Power(KW) 5.5 7.5  11   15  22  37
Crushing chamber(mm) 310×200 410×240 500×290 610×320 800×470 960×610
Use a knife 9 12 15 18 24 27
Dingdao 2 2 2 2 4 4
Crushing capacity(kg/hr) 200~250 300~350 350~450 400~500 500~600 600~700
Screen aperture(mm) The standard aperture is 6 mm or 8 mm. In addition, 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 / 30 can be customized. The aperture less than 6 mm cannot be customized
Mechanical dimension(cm) 115×71 120×81 140×95 140×106 185×155 225×175
×120 ×125 ×153 ×158 ×230 ×275
Weight(kg) 430 500 900 1100 2000 2600


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