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The basic process formula and material use of EVA foam

The basic process formula and material use of EVA foam

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-24
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(Summary description)

The basic process formula and material use of EVA foam

(Summary description)

  • Categories:行业动态
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  • Time of issue:2020-06-24
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1. Process classification:

   Molded foaming: primary foaming (large mold, small mold), secondary foaming

  Injection foam: MD, slippers

   Continuous foaming: EPE

  Extrusion foaming: board

   2. EVA foam basic formula:

  EVA/LDPE blowing agent bridging agent zinc oxide pigment filler lubricant special functional additives

  1. Main ingredients:

  LDPE: It can make foamed products with larger magnification, harder without resilience, mainly used for foaming insulation materials, slippers, bags, etc.

  EPDM: Increase flexibility

  Natural rubber: increase anti-slip performance

  2, foaming agent

   Existing high, medium and low temperature

  High temperature: good magnification, but affects the color of the product

  Medium temperature: for injection and small molds

   Low temperature: For MD, and products with color requirements

  3, crosslinking agent

  DCP: versatility, low price, but tasteful

   BIPB: called odorless bridging agent, the advantage is that it can reduce the irritation of foamed products

  TAIC: Auxiliary crosslinking agent, can effectively help improve the speed and effect of crosslinking

  4, zinc oxide

  Classification: Class A, active, zinc carbonate

   Grade A: high merit content, good product properties; but high price and heavy metal content may exceed the standard

  Activity: low content, low price but low heavy metals

  Zinc carbonate: low content, small particles, fast foaming, suitable for making relatively low-end products

  5, pigment

   Masterbatch: good dispersibility, positive color

   Toner: low price, poor dispersion, polluted working environment

   Color sand: better dispersion, less pollution

   6, lubricant

  Lubricant: stearic acid, EBS

   Function: Facilitate the operation of processing such as turbine

  Increase the fluidity of rubber

  The product has better density and feel

  7, functional additives

   Anti-wear agent: increase wear resistance

  Anti-slip agent: prevent slipping under low friction conditions

   Flame retardant: improve the fire protection effect of products, mainly distinguished by oxygen index

  Antibacterial agent: improve the antibacterial requirements of products,

  Antistatic or conductive: mainly used in electronic products

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